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Mr Rubber NL 27MAY 2017
Are you into loose/tight, black/coloured, stylish/sleazy ...rubber ;-) ?
Amsterdam Fetish Pride is ON (May 25-28th) and rubberfetish will be an essential part of it, as Mr Rubber NL and Dutch Rubbermen will hold, in cooperation with Invasion Amsterdam, 2 dazzling parties. Ambitions to be the new 2017 ambassador for Dutch rubber ? On friday 26th, the Dutchrubbermen, with Mr Rubber NL 2017 Elections first round will be held at Eagle Amsterdam. Presentation, interviews, shows, gathering and music by Dj Jason. On saturday 27th, preceeding Invasion - Amsterdam Fetish Pride Edt., it's time for Mr Rubber NL 2017 Finale @Invasion Fetishpride, at Undercurrent, with the last shows, your votes and calling the new Mr Rubber NL ! Music that night by DJRW and T&T (Paris'Topher & Trippy Gonzales). Visuals by Steginga Visuals. More info and application form for the elections: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">